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Drone Real Estate Photography Pricing - How Much Does it Cost?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Pricing out a drone job is not always easy to do since there are a number of different factors that impact drone real estate photography prices. Let me provide some insight into factors that determines drone real estate photography pricing:

Location - How far away will the drone pilot need to travel before launching the drone. Most pilots including myself provide a liberally sized area where the cost of getting there is baked into the overall price for the service of shooting the real estate with the drone. This is also dependent on where in the country you are. Different regions will have different drone real estate photography pricing:

Scope of the shoot - Do you just need a few drone image of the real estate being photographed? Will you need some video as well? Are you doing the editing of the images or does the drone operator provide the processing of the images?

How difficult is it to fly in the area? - Different places can be easier or harder to fly in. Special permissions from the local authorities may need to be sought in order to fly in a particular area. There is also an insurance cost. This too will vary based on things like population density and proximity to certain areas that are sensitive to drone usage.

Turn around time - Do you need aerial photography to be done ASAP? Particularly fast turnaround times can add to the overall pricing of the drone images and/or drone video.

I try to keep my real estate photography pricing to a concise and predictable amount. My goal as a drone operator is to establish relationships and to gain the trust of my clients with whatever I'm doing. If you don't get what you are looking for, then you shouldn't have to pay for the service and I can't reasonably expect you to hire me again for any of your real estate photography needs or other aerial imaging projects.

I seek to offer straightforward packages and pricing on the work that I do. For a standard real estate photography shoot, I charge $299. This will include being on location (within a set geo area), flying the drone, capturing the images, basic editing of the images, delivery to the customer of the real estate photography once complete.

If video is required along with basic editing of that video, that price including the above referenced still images of the real estate object in question would be a flat $499. It includes everything above with the addition of the aerial video and processing thereof.

Anything above and beyond that would be charged at an agreed upon hourly rate. All drone services providers will have some variation on how they do and price things. Hope that has given you some idea and guidance on drone real estate photography prices.

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