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AirBnB Imaging Upgrade Package

One of our most popular packages, this imaging package is designed for you to attract customers to your property by showcasing your space(s) in the best possible way. This package gets you professional interior and exterior imaging (and video if you choose). When you give your prospective customers the ability to see your space for what it really looks like, you will drive more bookings and revenue. You put all that effort and money into creating an inviting space for people to stay, now underscore that with professional grade images to reflect that effort properly. We are currently offering this package for the low price of $375 or $475 if you wish to add exterior video. 

Please check out our blog post on why good images matter and how putting your best foot forward is your best bet to maximize ROI and occupancy levels.


Full Interior Imaging Redo

We will shoot a large number of interior images in wide angle, properly lit and in high quality detail. Get your customer invested in the space. So much of the decision making process is emotional and proper imaging can be the differentiator between creating that connection to a prospect vs. leaving them uninspired. 


Exterior Drone Shots

Adding high quality drone shots to your listing goes hand in hand with using the quality interior shots. Give your clients the overview of the property. Perhaps there are features that you wish to promote such as a view or a large outdoor space, fire pit, etc. All this can dramatically impact the strength of your listing and occupancy rates. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

The best part is that if you don't like the imaging we provide, we don't expect you to pay for our services. It's the best way for us to win your trust and ensure that you are getting exactly what you were anticipating. 

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