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Drone Images for Real Estate - Is it Worth the Extra Cost?

Updated: May 24, 2022

What is a standard drone real estate photography price? How how do you turn a good real estate listing into a great listing? Add aerial drone imaging. What does this provide the potential buyer with?:

  • Better idea of the houses surroundings.

  • Features of the property that can best be seen from a drone image.

  • Any proximity to scenic geographic features.

  • Size and shape of the lot as it pertains to properties around it.

  • Footprint/shape of the house when viewed from above.

A real estate listing is like a resume when you are applying for a job. It's the first thing that the potential buyer sees and will base their willingness to find out more about the property. A poorly crafted listing doesn't help sell houses. Since most people now look to the internet to find house and land listings, what and how it gets presented is so important.

I've noticed that real estate listings have gotten much better in terms of the interior images being used. Gone are the days of poorly lit shots and now I'm seeing a lot of high dynamic range know, the ones where everything is evenly lit and there are no shadows to be found. This is great.

The facts are that listing that feature drone imaging or video sell 68% faster as per MLS statistics (as per Rismedia). The flip side of this is that potential sellers are more likely to list with agents that have incorporated drone imaging as a standard practice for listing their properties.

So what should you look for in a drone pilot that offers these services?

  1. Most important is that they are licensed by the FAA to fly drones for commercial purposes. Hobby drone pilots are not able to sell services from their drone usage since any revenue derived from flying the drone constitutes a 'professional' implementation.

  2. Also make sure that the drone pilots are willing and able to offer liability insurance when they are flying. You don't want a pilot to crash into one of your listings and cause any damage that isn't covered on their end.

  3. Pricing and levels of quality will vary from pilot to pilot as well. It's like any other field where there are differentiations in quality. Find someone local that you trust and make sure that they provide you with the level of quality you are looking for and expecting.

When you think about the average cost that homes list for these days, adding in some drone imaging or even video to a real estate listing makes sound economic sense. The drone real estate photography pricing of those aerial images will be a tiny fraction of the commission and if it helps the property to:

  • sell faster

  • bring in more potential buyers

  • increase the likelihood of getting ADDITIONAL listings

...doesn't that make it a pretty easy decision?

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